I am an avid consumer of podcasts. I frequently download them onto my smart phone and listen to them while driving, working around the house, or whenever I can carve out a little time. It was in my quest to find a podcast of African fiction that I discovered a void. How was it that in a vast world of podcast productions, there seemed to be none that consistently showcased works of contemporary African fiction? It is oft said that ‘if one can’t find that which one seeks, then perhaps one should build it’. And so in my moment of clarity, Kutika! - Modern African Stories was born.

It is my sincere hope that through Kutika!, I can reach people around the world and introduce them to the modern Africa which I know and love. Through this weekly podcast, I wish to tackle many topical social issues affecting the African continent today. I write about love, life, death, gender, religion, and much more. I wish to entertain as well as to give listeners cause to reflect. The stories are all written by me but narrated by different actors from across the continent.

I am passionate about literature and my ultimate goal is to bring more people to appreciate African stories written by us and told by us. Thank you for visiting my page! Please tell a friend and invite them to Kutika!