Award Winning Author & Aerospace Engineer

I'm an aerospace engineer and an author. But what does designing airplanes have to do with writing novels, you might ask? Strangely, quite a lot. After numerous years of leading aircraft design teams, I have come to learn that building airplanes is much like crafting a story. Both require patiently weaving together a patchwork of ideas to hopefully create something of beauty. It's my sincere hope that you will enjoy my stories and perhaps read one of my books as you fly on board one of the airplanes that I helped design and build. 

I have had the privilege of traveling widely and living on three continents; ample fodder for great stories! I  consider myself a global citizen with a heart firmly rooted in my beautiful homeland of Zambia. Umwina Kitwe through and through!


New podcast coming soon in 2019: "#Kutika! Modern African Stories"

#Kutika! Means "listen" in Bemba. #Kutika! is my new podcast which features short stories written by me and adapted for radio. Each week I will have a different narrator perform one of my stories. The stories are modern, entertaining and tackle a number of topical issues facing Africa today. #Kutika! will be available for free wherever you get your podcasts. Exciting times so stay tuned.